It seems the London Motor Museum – the only custom car museum in Europe – got all caught up in the Halloween fever of 2014, and therefore decided it was worth building a car especially for the holiday.

London Motor Museum ‘Scream’ Car

 The ‘Scream’ car as it is called, began life as a humble FX4 London taxi. It was first modified in 2003 by the London Supercar Workshop, who took off the taxi body, fitted it to a Chevrolet Blazer chassis and added a 5.7-litre Chevrolet V8 engine along with mud grappler monster tyres. Ten years later the vehicle has been given a makeover to celebrate not only Halloween, but also the museum’s anniversary.

The Halloween Scream car will become a permanent feature in the London Motor Museum’s extensive collection of over 200 privately owned American and European classic cars ranging from the 1930s through to the present day. In addition the Scream car will be used at a range of events and exhibitions across the country.

At the car’s unveiling, the London Motor Museum’s founder and owner said; “My chief fabricator, Mohammed Mugal, and I decided that the modified taxi was the perfect base for an exciting Halloween truck, designed with trick-or-treating in mind.


“We modified the bodywork with steel, giving an elongated front and sweeping design to reflect the iconic ‘Scream’ look. We then added a range of entertaining features to really emphasise the creepy feel of the car, including two low fog machines, an audio system to play spooky sounds and flashing skull lights at the front.” By: diseno-art