Mercedes-Benz specialist Lorinser has started working on an upgrade package for the new boy, the AMG GT. The kit is still under development, but to give us a taste of the upcoming Lorinser Mercedes AMG GT they have bolted a set of gold wheels on it and sent it to the town.  Lorinser-Mercedes-AMG-GT-spot-5

The wheels on this Lorinser Mercedes AMG GT are RSK8, and although their golden paint finish is frankly terrible, they would look dope in gunmetal grey or matte black.


We are more interested to see what Lorinser has in mind for the body. The tuner has a unique style all its own. Sometimes it spawns something truly amazing, and sometimes it just ruins the car it is supposed to improve.


So Lorinser Mercedes AMG GT, when it’s finished and fitted with a full body kit, is either going to suck or stun. There will be no middle ground. By: motorward