Lotus and Kodewa Performance Motorcycles revealed this week the new C-01 motorcycle, which is going to be limited to just 100 units.

Lotus C 01 Kodewa Motorcycle

The Lotus C-01 Kodewa Motorcycle is powered by a 1.2-liter V-twin engine that’s good for around 200 hp. Unfortunately, Kodewa, which is the manufacturer of the Lotus C-01 bike, did not disclose the weight of their new machine. In fact, they did not disclose any specifications regarding their new Lotus-themed C-01 bike.

Lotus-bike-2 Lotus-bike-3

According to Kodewa, the Lotus C-01 bike is made using carbon fiber, titanium and aerospace quality steel. You can imagine that its price is going to go through the stratosphere. The Lotus bike’s body has been designed by Daniel Simon. The bike has been designed, and engineered by Group Lotus, which is going to produce it too.

Lotus-bike-5 Lotus-bike-27 Lotus-bike-3

The Lotus C-01 is going to be sold with a wide choice of liveries. Kodewa is also offering a personalization service for the C-01 bike. The Lotus C01 bike’s price and availability are going to be announced at a later date. By: Zercustoms