Now, Lotus has released the Lotus Evora GX 2012, the GTC variation tweaked to specifically meet the requirements of the Grand-Am class of the new GX will be launched in early 2013 racing season.

Lotus Evora GX 2012
Lotus Evora GX 2012

Lotus Evora GX 2012 uses of carbon fiber components in the body that has been used to replace the plastic molded parts, and even with modifications to the competition, the weight of the racing car is £ 2,530 pounds in a few dozen of GTC models.

Lotus Evora GX 2012-sideview

GT-spec version of the Lotus Evora GX 2012 not in the field for the Grand-Am Rolex Series race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway Friday, but there are four races left in the calendar for the British supercar to obtain a search term.

Lotus Evora GX 2012-interior

Lotus Evora GX 2012 equipped with a sports package as standard featuring a sport button that allows the driver to control throttle response and activate the exhaust valve by-pass. Sports button also increases the rev limit once and change the dynamic stability control settings result in changes in total experience. There are cross-drilled brakes for better cooling.

Lotus Evora GX 2012-raar

Price MSRP : $335,000

And Lotus Evora GX 2012 is enough time for those who buy the best composition of the external emotion of the Lotus Evora which has been improved with a completely new active exhaust which means that by pressing the car sounds just as dramatic as it seems. By: sillydad