Remember this awesome Koenigsegg Agera R from Luxury Custom’s collection? Well, a few months ago they thought the car might be feeling a bit lonely just sitting there at the showroom. So they built it a Mini-Me in form of a sexy bike.



Given the choice, we’d go for the car every time. But there is no denying that bike looks seriously hot. It boasts accents and colors in the same unique shade of red as the Koenigsegg Agera R, combined with carbon fiber skin, Alcantara saddle and matte black detailing, including a pair of good-looking and artsy exhaust pipes.


This is, of course, a show piece. Boutique bike, I think they call these things. You can ride it, but it’s probably not very convenient. It is a real piece of art though.


The attention to details in this bike boggles the mind. We don’t know what sort of mechanicals it possess, and we just don’t care. It’s all about the looks. And for that Agera to have a companion! By: motorward