The 2015 Roush Mustang is a car many a muscle car enthusiast is eagerly waiting to see in action, especially in a head to head battle with the new Shelby GT350. While you’re waiting for that to happen though, let’s check out the aesthetics of the car in these beautiful photos.

Roush Mustang RS2 in Gloss Metallic Blue

 This, of course, is a very unique Roush Mustang RS2 wrapped by the guys from Impressive Wrap in a special Gloss Metallic Bright Blue film. Granted, that is not the first color that pops into mins when you think of the perfect paint work for a serious muscle car like the Mustang. But you allow the end result looks pretty cool.

Roush-Mustang-RS2-2  Roush-Mustang-RS2-15

The Gloss Metallic Blue wrap seems to be complementing the unique Roush Mustang body kit on this car rather nicely. It goes really well with the new front splitter, the custom grille, vented hood, side skirts, rear diffuser, and those manly tailpipes. The only thing letting the side down a bit are those wheel. They need to be changed ASAP.


As for the performance, the 2015 Roush RS2 is based on the Ford Mustang GT powered by the V8 engine. The package costs around 9 grand and enables the ‘Stang GT to hold its own against cars like the Camaro Z/28 and Challenger SRT. By: motorward