We waited a long time to have a good look at Manhart BMW M235i, but the German tuner is very economical with media efforts. Not to worry, because wheel maker HRE has now released a bunch of photos of the MH2, showing off their unique wheels on this unique car.


Boasting a custom wide body kit, Manhart BMW M235i is considered to be one of the best tuned versions of the compact sports car in the world. The tuner has upgraded the straight-six turbocharged engine in the M235i by using a larger intercooler, a sport exhaust system with downpipes and racing cats and new software, and managed to extract 430 horsepower and 590 Nm of torque out of it. That’s what you get from an M4 in a car much smaller and much lighter.



The styling kit on Manhart BMW M235i, consisting of front and rear spoilers, optional rear diffuse,r side skirts, fender extensions, and optional tall rear wing, is part of a series of modifications that make the car more track worthy.


Sport suspension, uprated brakes, and a custom interior are among the others. As for the wheels this bad boy is rocking, they are a set of HRE P44SC in Satin Black which not only look good, they reduce the unsprung weight of the car and make it even more agile. By: motorward