British art dealer and billionaire James Stunt fancied a bespoke super car the other day and, not willing to wait for any of the car makers to get around building one for him, he placed the order with tuner and coachbuilder, Mansory. The result is a one-off Lamborghini called Mansory Aventador J.S.1 Edition.

Mansory Aventador J.S.1 Edition

To be shown-off at the Geneva Motor Show this March, Mansory Aventador J.S.1 Edition is based on a SuperVeloce (SV) model but draws inspirations in its design from the Veneno hyper car. The car has a custom carbon fiber body with a unique aero kit consisting of new bumpers, sills, spoilers, and splitters, as well as widened wheel arches and sizable roof scoop. A set of custom Mansory wheels complete the look.

Mansory Aventador J.S.1 Edition Frontview

Mansory Aventador J.S.1 Edition Wheel

Apart from the amazing appearance, Mansory Aventador J.S.1 Edition also features a tricked out powertrain which turns the car from a super into a hyper car. Starting with the 750 horsepower engine of the SuperVeloce, Mansory has installed a power-box, as well as a complete new exhaust system including manifold, muffler and tailpipes, plus sport air filters.

Mansory Aventador J.S.1 Edition Rearview

These changes have boosted the power to 830 horsepower and 750 Nm, which translates into a 0 to 100 km/h time of 2.7 seconds. By: motorward