Even though we’re used to seeing excellent custom wheel designs on a regular basis, this particular PUR RS12.M2 set is borderline spectacular.


With a Cayenne Turbo S underneath all that Mansory bodywork, this car is a looker and a solid “performer”, no doubt. Recently however, the team at SR Autogroup has installed a set of forged two piece PUR RS12.M2 wheels which feature a deeper concave profile, giving them a more aggressive look.

The wheels also have a two-tone face (gloss Lumiere gray & gloss black) and a solid tone gloss black inner barrel with hidden hardware.


They measure 22×10.5 at the front and 22×12 at the rear and they look absolutely amazing. The design is really what impresses the most, as the rims look like they’re spinning even while the car is standing still.

We’ve also learned that this particular Cayenne is a one of a kind model in its hometown of Vancouver, which has to make the owner feel that much better about his “creation”.


Comparing this thing to the Hamann Guardian Evo (also based on the Cayenne), you can’t help but feel that picking a winner would be pretty hard. Both cars are extremely aggressive in their appearance, though the Mansory does look a tiny bit more classy.

Which is important if you’re the type of person that cares if people look at your car thinking that you went too far with trying to stand out. By: Carscoops