As usual, McLaren Newport Beach is THE place to find the latest McLaren models in the rarest, most exclusive colors. The latest Mac they have delivered is this scrumptious Mantis Green McLaren 675LT, which is the uniqueness itself.   Mantis-Green-McLaren-675LT-0

Whoever ordered and specced this LongTail clearly had a very unique taste in cars. It’s not just the eye-popping paint job that impresses on this bad boy. It’s the overall package, including the carbon aero kit, black wheels, and green stitching around the black Alcantara interior.


Mantis Green McLaren 675LT is by far and away the most unique example of the car we’ve seen so far, but as for coolest, we have to give that title to the Chicane Grey Long Tail, also sold through McLaren Newport Beach.



McLaren 675LT Specs: Maximum speed 330KPH (205MPH); 0-100KPH (62MPH) 2.9s; 0-200KPH (124MPH) 7.9s; Maximum power 675PS (666BHP); Maximum torque 700NM (515LBFT); Engine capacity 3,799CC; Technology Twin-Turbo; 200-0KPH (124-0MPH) 115M (377FT); 100-0KPH (62-0MPH) 30.2M (99FT); CO2 275G/KM; Power to Weight 549PS/Tonne; Weight 1,328KG (2,927LB); Dry Weight 1,230KG; Weight distribution (F/R) 42.5%/57.5%. By: motorward