This beautiful build by Matthew Costabile from Forrest Hills, NY placed 3rd during the 2011 Ducati Monster Challenge. For 2011, Ducati North America brought back the Monster Challenge as the acclaimed customization competition that gave professional and amateur builders the opportunity to share their projects with the world. The contest had two phases, first the builders bikes were voted on by the Ducati Online Community, after-which the two finalists won an exclusive Ducati MotoGP experience at the Indianapolis MotoGP where their bikes were displayed and they competed for the grand prize.

Matt Costabile – Ducati Monster 1100R

Matt’s Monster 1100R was built on the 2009 Ducati Monster 1100S platform and placed 2nd in the professional class after the online voting ended. For the professional class Arrick Maurice’s – Ducati Monster 1100R was voted first, however it was ineligible for the competition, due to Arrick’s affiliation with Ducati North America.

Matt’s main goal for this build was performance, thus placing looks secondary. He wanted to boost the horsepower and torque, while lowering the overall weight of the bike. During the dynamometer run, he managed to squeeze 92HP and 73ft/lbs to the wheel, out of the modified 1100S Monster engine which from factory puts out 95HP and 79.5ft/lbs at the crank. To get to those figures Matt changed the factory cams, flywheel and timing belt pulleys with Ducati Performance issued parts.

Matt Costabile – Ducati Monster 1100R-2

An Electraeon Quick Throttle Cam was installed to allow the throttle to reach the full open position with 75% rotation of the hand grip compared to the stock throttle cam. Reducing the amount of hand grip rotation provides greater control and comfort by allowing the rider to reach full open throttle with less wrist stress. The beautiful and extremely functional STM SBK Slipper clutch was what he opted for in replacing the Ducati factory part. The factory airbox was replaced by Duc Shop Hyper Stacks intake system thus letting this monster breathe better and a one-off shotgun-boom tubes exhaust system was built by Moto Creations for this bike.


Quality Speedy Moto parts in the form of the clutch cover, timing belt covers, frame sliders and top triple clamp are present on this build. LSL clip-ons were the choice, even though they are for racing use. LSL developed this extremely light clip-on handlebar to improve the seating position and riding comfort that is not normally common with modern sport bikes. At the front he went with an Aztek 8, single headlight with custom bracket. In terms of engine management the stock ECU was re-flashed to disable the O2 sensor and to have the engine rev to 10,000 RPM. The tail was chopped with a Competition Works tail chop kit, in tucked position and a Ducati Performance Race seat replaced the factory unit.


The belly pan is a custom-made unit by Catalyst Racing Composits. A set of Woodcraft rearsets were also the choice for this build. These are designed and built to be the best rear-sets available to ensure the motorcycle reacts the way it was intended to. Overall this is an amazing build, with many hours and quality parts put into it. It’s definitely in a league of its own. Check out the gallery for the rest of the pictures.

List of Modifications:

  • Woodcraft rear-sets
  • LSL clip ons
  • STM SBK Slipper,
  • Speedy Moto Flow Clutch Cover
  • Speedy Moto Belt Covers
  • Speedy Moto Top Triple Clamp
  • Speedy Moto Frame Sliders
  • Ducati Performance Race Seat
  • Duc Shop Hyper Stacks intake
  • DoWorkson Airbox Replacement Bracket
  • Aztek 8, 7″ single headlight with custom bracket
  • Custom Headlight Bracket
  • Oversized 2″ – 2 into 2 shotgun-style boom tube exhaust by MotoCreations
  • Competition Works Tail Chop, in tucked position
  • Turn Signals hidden
  • Tech Spec Tank Grip
  • Electraeon Quick Throttle Cam
  • Custom Bellypan by Catalyst Racing Composits
  • NCR Oil Fill Cap
  • Ducati Performance Cams
  • Ducati Performance Lightweight Flywheel
  • Ducati Performance Lightweight timing belt pulleys
  • ECU Reflashed to remove O2 Sensors
  • ECU Reflashed to rev to 10k
  • Brembo Billet Clutch Master
  • Brembo Front Forged Brake Master
  • Evoluzione 28.5mm Clutch Slave
  • NCR Cam Covers (on the other side)
  • Shorai Lightweight Battery
  • Bitubo Steering Damper
  • Custom Top Mount Steering Damper Mounting Brackets
  • Style and Performance Passenger Pegs and Mounts
  • 520 Chain. 15-41 Sprockets


By: il-ducastita