On of our customers forwarded us these photos of his Nissan GTR. Having wanted to get some extra power, he bolted up the Meisterschaft rear exhaust which we made so famous back from our Project GTR days. Matte-Black-Nissan-GTR-Styled-with-Stillen-frontview2

 In addition he added the Cobb Accessport which is a plug and play solution to tuning the GTR via the OBDII port.

Able to keep the stock map as well as have maps for pump and race gas, the Cobb unit has become a favorite amongst GTR owners. In the styling department, Vivid Racing helped this customer with the Stillen front lip. The front lip mounts to the OEM bumper to give it a more aggressive front end.



All the other exterior treatment seems to be reminiscent of the Batmobile. But we gotta ask, Yay or Nay?!

By: vividracing