In Monaco or Beverly Hills, they are a dime a dozen, but in Russia Audi R8 are pretty special. These svelte cars are the the work of Ingolstadt’s quattro division, which means it’s all-wheel drive. matte-gold-audi-r8-in-russia-photo-gallery_3

 Matte Gold Audi R8 in Russia

This R8 is a boring V8 model, but the Russian at Re-Styling have worked their magic and turned it into a matte gold.

From what we can tell, this was a two-stage process, with the first layer of vinyl turning the car into a shiny piece of bullion, which was followed by a second thin layer of opaque film that made it matte.



The customizer says the car has been in use for a long time, so the owner must have been very happy to return the body to its former shining glory. You can definitely say that the Russians have put it into a better light. By: autoevolution