You can never say that you have seen all there is to see in the world of car wrapping. That’s because the variations of designs and colors are limited only by the scope of human imagination which, as we know, has no boundaries. Check out this Matte Gold Starlight BMW M4, for instance. Have you ever seen anything like it before? Gold-Starlight-BMW-M4-11

 This unique color is produced by the creative guys at Impressive Wrap who have proven time and again they are real artists when it comes to wrapping. The Gold Starlight BMW M4 is one of their more amazing projects achieved, apparently, by mixing black with gold and then giving it a matte fishing.


You can certainly see the shimmer of the golden hues in the wrap, but overall it looks to us like a matte military green sort of color.

The wrap on Gold Starlight BMW M4 is complemented with gloss black M Performance parts such as kidney grilles, mirror caps and aero parts, and a set of matte gold wheels with a vintage look which work well on this car.


All this result in a unique and pretty awesome look, but we have to say it does rob the M4 of some of its sportiness, gives it a more serious look like a piece of elaborately designed jewelry or something. By: motorward