There used to be time when the mere mention of the word ‘hybrid’ was enough to cause every petrolhead worthy of the name to develop a rash.

The disdain for hybrid cars was palpable. But then along came BMW i8, and all of a sudden hybrid was cool. And the coolest of them is a matte white BMW i8, preferably on some high-end wheels.


 We’re not making that up. Just take a look at this absolutely gorgeous car the guys at Butler Tires and Wheels have put together in partnership with Savini Wheels who supplied them with a set of Forged SV62 rims.



The matte white BMW i8 of this project features a lot of black accents, and so the wheels are also finished in an exquisite combination of black and white.


The end result looks so cool and modern, it makes stuff like Mercedes AMG GT and even Porsche 911 look like dinosaurs. By: motorward