What are the chances of seeing two of the hottest Japanese names in the sports car segment, the Mazda RX-7 coupe and the Honda S2000 roadster, coming back to life?

We’ll get back to you on the rotary-powered coupe right after Mazda fully-discloses its upcoming “Sports Car Concept” at next month’s Tokyo Motor Show, as there’s a possibility it could be RX-7-related, but as far as Honda is concerned, and beyond the occasional rumors, there’s nothing official on a direct replacement for the S2000 at this time.

The only thing we’ve seen in regards to Honda, are some patent images of what could be a ‘baby NSX’ with a mid-engine setup, and which we recently rendered to give you an idea of what it could look like in the flesh.
Speaking of renders brings us to these two digital creations from Japanese photoshop-er Patty who tried to revive the spirit of the Mazda RX-7 and the Honda S2000 in our times.
It’s not immediately obvious, thanks to Patty’s rendering skills, but the RX-7 study is actually based on a picture of Mazda’s four-door Shinari sports sedan, while the S2000, on a photo of a Jaguar F-Type Roadster with the face of the Japanese firm’s 2013 Urban Concept that previewed the HR-V.

The S2000 is kind of meh, to be frank, but the RX-7 does look enticing, don’t you think? By: carscoops