As it is often the case with brand new supercars, the first time we get to see them wearing something custom, is almost always special.  McLaren 570S Flaunts Custom Wheels

 This white McLaren 570S is wearing a set of Brushed Dark Clear HRE P104 performance wheels, similar to the ones we saw on both this ultra-rare Gemballa Mirage GT, as well as this BMW M4, though, we’re talking different colors.

Aside from the fact they’re built out of aerospace-grade forged aluminum, the P104 series wheels are available in 22 different finishes, and we’re curious to know if you guys think TAG Motorsports got it right when they went with Brushed Dark Clear instead of just ‘Brushed Clear’ or perhaps even Satin Black – like on that Gemballa.

McLaren 570S Flaunts Custom Wheels2

As for the 570S, its odd enough that McLaren chooses to refer to it as a “sports car” (super, but still) and not a genuine supercar, which it obviously is judging by its performance numbers.

McLaren 570S Flaunts Custom Wheels Rearveiw

McLaren 570S Flaunts Custom Wheels Spot

We’re talking 570 PS and 600 Nm (442 lb-ft) of torque, helping you reach 100 km/h (62 mph) in 3.2 seconds, before maxing out at 328 km/h (203 mph) – and last time we checked, those were still supercar-worthy numbers, regardless of what you compare it with.

By: Carscoops