The Germans, by the looks of things, have an affinity for limited edition 650S McLarens. A while ago we showed you the 650S Nurburgring Edition commissioned by McLaren Munich. Now check out this McLaren 650S Spider MSO which is a custom limited edition of just seven units.


Spotted in Düsseldorf, Germany, the unique two-tone McLaren 650S Spider MSO is commissioned by Markus Storck, a German entrepreneur who made a fortune manufacturing high-end carbon fiber bikes. As you’d expect from a guy like Storck, he just went crazy with carbon fiber for his limited edition Mac, dropping the weight by as much as 40 kg compared to normal models.


What really sets this McLaren 650S Spider MSO apart from your run of the mill of 650 is the two-tone finish with matte bronze base garnished with carbon bonnet, aero parts, and engine cover. The paint job changes its color depending on how the light hits it, which is very cool indeed, but you don’t want to crash or scratch it.


The exclusive looks aside, Strock’s custom 650S is standard under the skin, boasting a 650 horsepower twin-turbo V8 engine. That is why we think the 400,000 Euro asking price is just a tad steep!
By: motorward