If you thought the 500 units of the McLaren 675LT Spider than came after the 500 Coupes were a surprise, you should hear about the 675 Longtail concept Woking has brought to the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show.

McLaren 675LT Concept Built with JVCKenwood for CES

 Built together with Japanese electronics giant JVCKenwood, this concept sees the 675LT packing more advanced technology than any McLaren ever and we all know that’s no small feat. We’ll start with the Advanced Driver Assistance System, which includes a Head-Up Display that includes blind spot information.

While supercars usually skip HUD setups due to the added weight, this isn’t the case here, since the instrument cluster was removed (the gauges are now part of the HUD). The same has happened to the center console and if you’re wondering where all the controls housed there went, you should know this 675LT has borrowed the P1 GTR racecar’s steering wheel.

Since there’s no DRS adaptive rear wing or IPAS boost to control, the corresponding buttons now handle the HUD.

The AC was also axed, but this shouldn’t come as a surprise since the removal is an option on the standard car, if we may call the 675 Longtail that. The driver is privileged, since he or she gets a satin carbon fiber-surrounded vent that serves as some sort of human-destined cold air intake.

McLaren 675LT Concept Built with JVCKenwood for CES-Interior

As a result of all the changes mentioned above, McLaren’s usual minimalist cabin approach has reached new heights. In what has become a strong trend at this year’s edition of the Las Vegas event, the rearview mirrors have been replaced with digital cameras. The pair of door-mounted cameras are accompanied by a just-as-digital interior rearview mirror, whose camera sits just below the Airbrake (that’s the rear wing in Mac talk) at the end of the supercar.

Aside from the various exterior and interior decorations we’ve already come to expect from McLaren’s MSO division, the cabin packs an all-new material. Dubbed Strata Ribbed Textile, this is a wear-resistant finish for the seat center and floormats. By: autoevolution