“I would enjoy a different hue compared to the ones displayed here” – this is the kind of clientele request that determined Woking to establish the McLaren Special Operations (call it MSO) division.


 Nevertheless, some customers have more extreme requests than others and we’re here to discuss a McLaren configuration that’s guaranteed to cause a stir once it gets out on the street, as it has already done so on Facebook (hat tip to Max Zappolino for the image).

It all starts with the shades used on this 675LT, which mixes matte and glossy finishes in a manner that somehow manages to appear understated. Nevertheless, the Orange wheels throw that impression out the window, making us feel like we’re dealing with a Hot Wheels car. Truth be told, this 666 hp (make that 675 PS) McLaren does offer surreal performance, so perhaps it’s normal for an owner to link it to the world of toys.


Or maybe the owner is a fan of running, as this is a color choice we’ve seen on many famous running shoes. Guess we’ll never know for sure.

The supercar was photographed while resting inside a dealer located in a German-speaking country, as confirmed by the sheet of paper on the windshield. For one thing, this color scheme will ensure the 675LT offers double the level of exclusivity. The eye-catching bonus comes to add to the fact that the British carmaker is only building 500 units. By: autoevolution