McLaren MP4-X is a future vision of McLaren’s motorsport technology. McLaren’s Formula 1 race strategists think many laps ahead when planning a grand prix pit stop, including the engineers that build high-performance road cars for next generation of drivers, and technologists and designers in McLaren Applied Technologies have assigned ways to improve healthcare, transport, and many other areas of our lives. At McLaren, you can be sure that they always want to take things further, just like this futuristic concept racecar.


McLaren MP4-X concept car represents a glimpse of the future where McLaren imagines the art of the possible. This concept racing car combines F1’s key ingredients from speed, excitement, and performance with sport’s emerging narratives as you can here, enclosed cockpit to better protect the driver and hybrid power technologies.
Designer : McLaren


Visually striking, but the real changes are hidden beneath the skin. This car has been specifically designed to harness alternative power sources, the chassis changes shape in order to adapt to different aerodynamic demands, it can also communicate in the event of a failure or a problem.


MP4-X is equipped with a system to monitor car’s structural condition, in this way, in the event of a failure, the car could provide information and data to allow engineers to quickly understand what had happened. McLaren uses a wheel-mounted tire-pressure sensor and plans to develop an additional wear sensor as well. By allowing engineers to live-monitor tire data, it would be a crucial safety development, it might reduce dangerous blow-outs and delaminations.


If you take a look the car from the top, you would notice that MP4-X also features solar panel that captures solar energy for traditional regenerative systems. This energy can supplement existing onboard systems, giving the driver a boost option when needed. Night races aside, when the cars run on daylight, there’s plenty available source of usable energy, capturing this energy to work in harmony with existing fuel-efficient technologies would benefit not only for drivers but also environment.


The cockpit has been designed just like those on modern fighter jets. It allows the driver to see the entire environment that surrounds him/her. The additional heads-up display provides driver with sensory cues to alert them when there are important events in the race such as positions of closes competitions, flag and caution data, or location of accidents and debris. By: tuvie