While the Bugatti Veyron (in Super Sport guise) remains the world’s fastest production car, the three current hybrid hypercars are capable of equally-impressive acceleration times thanks to their superior power-to-weight ratios.

McLaren P1 And Bugatti Veyron Go Head-to-Head In Epic Drag Race

With that in mind, when a 2011 Veyron was pitted against a brand new McLaren P1 at a drag racing event in the United States, the results were always set to be nail-biting and as this clip shows, the two are quite evenly matched.

To eliminate the Veyron’s all-wheel drive advantage over the rear-wheel drive McLaren P1, the two went head-to-head in a rolling drag race.

We won’t ruin the result for you but considering the McLaren P1 has 903 hp on tap, compared to the 987 hp of the Veyron, all while weighing almost 500 kg less than its French counterpart, it seems to have the advantage on paper. But as we’ve come to learn, the race track doesn’t lie…

By: Carscoops