Given how crap the new the current R231 Mercedes SL-Class looks like, it is always nice to see the old R230, especially if it fears some cool extra goodies. That is the case with this MEC Design Mercedes SL which you may remember from the years gone by.  MEC-Design-Mercedes-SL-Frontview

They call this styling kit “Axiom-One” which sounds a bit serious for a wide body kit that is designed to make the car look more fun. But that doesn’t mean MEC Design Mercedes SL is not classy. Prestige is something it has in spades, what with the metallic black paint job and those massive, rapper-grade wheels.


The ingredients of Axiom-one R230 SL Wide Body kit include a custom front bumper with spoiler lip, revised rear bumper with carbon fiber diffuser, side skirts with LED lights, new engine hood, rear trunk spoiler, and two pairs of wing extensions on the front and rear fenders. Besides these, MEC Design Mercedes SL also benefits from meCCon series „CC5“ (20” front, 21” rear), lowering module, MEC Design Stainless Steel Exhaust System sound version Apocalypse.


Other extras MEC Design can hook you up with for your Mercedes SL include LED mirror upgrade, TV module, roof operation unlock while moving, floor mats and trunk floor mat, and a sport steering wheel.

By: motorward