We have already shown you the magnificent Prior Design Mercedes AMG GT PD800GT in its “normal” guise and also in a radical form at SEMA show in Las Vegas. Now let’s check out the car in a new outfit designed and applied by M&D exclusive cardesign for its presence at the 2015 Essen Motor Show.

Mercedes AMG GT Wrapped for Essen by Prior Design

In this treatment Prior Design Mercedes AMG GT maintains its default paint scheme of deep metallic blue and carbon, but M&D garnishes it with matte black accents, German flag motifs, plus logos of Prior Design and H&R whose suspension system is a vital part of the wide body package.

Without the suspension the car would look like a clown car, what with the unsightly gaps between the wheels and the fenders.


The wide body kit on Prior Design Mercedes AMG GT is one of the nicest styling packages you can get for the German sports car – at least until Liberty Walk comes up with their own.


It consists of a massive front spoiler lip with flaps, side skirts, rear add-on diffuser, a ducktail spoiler, and the all-important bolt-on fender extensions for the front and rear. As mentioned, the program also includes wide wheels and custom suspension system. By: motorward