Mercedes-Benz Concept Vehicle Biome Symbiosis is a car designed by Mercedes-Benz brand that takes inspiration from nature with a thick futuristic touch. The ecosystem and the body design is made using a material called BioFibre ultralight weight reached only 875.5 pounds, or about 394 pounds, much lighter than metal or plastic. however, stronger than steel.  Mercedez-Benz-Biome-Concept-frontview2

Technology BioFiber material grown in the nursery of individual DNA Mercedes-Benz. Where they collect energy from the sun and its konfersi to a liquid chemical called BioNectar4534. As part of this process, the vehicle made from two seeds.

The interior of the biome to grow from the DNA in the Mercedes star on the front of the vehicle, while the exterior grows from the stars behind. To accommodate specific customer requirements, genetically modified Mercedes star in each case, and the vehicle “grows” when the genetic code combined with seed capsules. Wheels grew from four separate seeds.


Mercedes-Benz Biome concept is supported by BioNectar4534, BioFibre stored in the material of the chassis, interior, and wheels. In addition, Mercedes-Benz has developed a technology to complement the trees with special receptors that can collect solar energy advantages and turn them into BioNectar4534.


This creates a direct relationship with the naturaMercedez-Benz-Biome-Concept-sideviewl energy sources and act as an incentive to cover mobility energy requirements through more trees and at the same time preserving natural resources. Like plants, Mercedes-Benz symbiosis vehicle also produces oxygen, thereby contributing to improving air quality. By: Sillydad