For the upcoming Geneva Auto Show, the already roomy Mercedes-Benz V-class van got a huge upgrade from the California-based company Larte. Mercedes-Benz-V-Class-Black-Crystal-by-Larte-Design-Frontview

The tuning and design shop essentially turned this van into a private jet – fitting the interior with four deeply reclining seats, alcantara leather, wooden trimmings, a large flat screen TV, a mini-bar, and an Alpine audio system. Also – because you pretty much have to be a mobster or something equally nefarious to be driven around in this thing, the car comes with a biometric safe and privacy curtains.



The tuning company didn’t just modify the interior of this Benz, they also made some changes to the bodykit. With an updated grille, a new set of wheels and a side skirt, this thing will stand out from all the other soccer-dad vans on the road. Details on price aren’t out yet – but you can bet on it being sky-high


By: hiconsumption