Apparently, the era of luxury SUVs and crossovers is upon us.
But you didn’t need me to tell you this, especially after the wave of car manufacturers showing interest in this newly exploitable niche. Of course, the main protagonist that sparked this new trend is Bentley’s new Bentayga SUV and its positive feedback received at the Frankfurt auto salon.

Sure, Bentley wasn’t the first firm to coin the concept (as Aston Martin, for example, came up with the Lagonda SUV study way before the EXP 9F), but it was the first to actually launch one. An SUV coming from a prestigious marque such as Bentley is a risky venture, but that’s enough to force other car manufacturers to explore this segment.
In fact, according to Automotive News, Mercedes is currently weighing in on the idea of introducing an ultra-luxury crossover, possibly under the Maybach name (no surprises here). In fact, the magazine reports that Andreas Zygan – Mercedes director of development for SUVs – noted that “demand appears to be growing for ultraluxury SUV and crossover type vehicles” and that the German automaker is “looking at everything that is going on with that segment”.

Moreover, Steve Cannon – the brand’s U.S. sales boss – offered some insights about a possible contender for the Bentayga, saying:

“There’s just an almost unending appetite for SUVs, and luxury SUVs are proving that. Look at what’s happening with the Bentleys of the world and even Lamborghini thinking about it. When we get to that point that we expand the Maybach offering – and we will expand the Maybach offering – that would be a natural place to go.”

Mind you, this is not the first time Mercedes taunts us with clues about a Mercedes-based Maybach luxury SUV, but you know what they say; third time’s the charm. By: Carscoops