It took a while, but it seems the boys at Alain Class Motors have finally taken delivery of their first Mercedes G500 4×4². This crazy version of the G-Class also comes in one of AMG’s crazy colors called Solar Beam yellow.


Now, if you don’t know about the Mercedes G500 4×4² and its philosophy, it is basically a four-wheeled version of the six-wheeled G63 AMG 6×6, which is itself a six-wheeled version of the four-wheeled G63 AMG. If that sounds twisted just thing of the G500 4×4² as a jacked-up, cooler version of the normal G-Class.

The biggest highlight of the Mercedes G500 4×4² is, obviously, the extra ride height which is the result of employing the 6×6’s axles. It also gets that cars fender flares and suspension, but engine-wise, the car is only available with the 420 horsepower V8 engine of the regular G500 and cannot be had with the 63 AMG engine.



That’s fine, except for the fact that Mercedes has priced the G500 4×4² at a whopping 226,100 Euros. And that’s the factory price without any dealer markup or import taxes. Not that it matters to Alain Class’s discerning customers, of course! By: motorward