Mercedes SL|Pure is special project, a visionary form study that reinterprets Mercedes 300SL in consideration of retrospective design criteria while incorporating advanced and forward-looking technologies.


The 300SL was dedicated for motor racing. Keeping in mind the principle of “Form followed function”, all these concept car components have been designed to ensure optimum racing qualities.


SL|Pure form study takes the sporty character of the legendary 300SL as one of its inspirations using purist approach to remain true to the Mercedes Benz design philosophy. It’s a pure combination between aesthetic and performance of a sport car.

Designed by Matthias Böttcher, a transportation designer, the main chassis of this car reminds you to the tubular frame construction of the old Mercedes 300SL.

mercedes-sl-pure-by-matthias-bottcher3 mercedes-sl-pure-by-matthias-bottcher5

The pure chassis is not concealed, it represents itself in the form of “muscle strands” at the front as well as the rear section, creating design’s core visual feature.


Designer : Matthias Böttcher / Tuvie