This could prove to be a distraction.

Microsoft has teamed up with West Coast Customs to build the most high-tech 1967 Ford Mustang ever created.

Microsoft builds a Ford Mustang

“Project Detroit” started out with a 2012 Mustang GT that the team modified using a 1967 Mustang replica shell made by Dynacorn. Already equipped with the Microsoft-designed Ford Sync voice-controlled infotainment system, the team went to work installing just about everything else Microsoft makes, and more.

The car features a full digital dashboard with skins that can be changed with a swipe of the screen; Windows tablet over the glove compartment; head-up displays on the windshield for both driver and passenger, the latter of which can use it as a monitor to play an X-Box fitted with Kinect; a rear window that doubles as a projector screen for using the X-Box outside of the car or displaying messages; and an external speakers that can play music, double as a PA system and provide a choice of customizable horn sounds.

The car is a rolling wireless 4G hotspot tied into the Windows Azure cloud-based system and has been integrated with a Windows Phone app that allows it to be tracked, unlocked and started remotely.

Matte black paint and Windows blue LED lights inside the grille and wheels are a classic, if crude, West coast Customs touch.

While there are no plans to recreate it for showrooms, you can watch the car being built and pick up a few ideas if you’re interested in creating it on an upcoming episode of Inside West Coast Customs on the Velocity network. By: foxnews