BMW offers a wide variety of colors with cool names for the M3 and M4 models. But if it’s true uniqueness you are after, you have to go aftermarket and consult a wrapper. If you happen to be in Hong Kong Wrap Workz is a good one, judging by this Midnight Blue BMW M4 they recently wrapped.

Midnight Blue BMW M4

Midnight Blue BMW M4-frontview Such is the quality of Wrap Workz that you would be forgiven for mistaking the color on Midnight Blue BMW M4 a factory paint job. Besides the impeccable fit and finish, the film itself has a glossy quality about it which makes it look like a metallic paint work.

Midnight Blue BMW M4-rearview

This rich and formal shade of blue suits the M4 really well and make it seem more aggressive and therefore quite a bit cooler.

Midnight Blue BMW M4-wheels

But this Midnight Blue BMW M4 has more than just the wrap to thank for its awesome looks. The car is also equipped with a whole set of BMW M Performance goodies including carbon fiber front spoiler, side skirts and rear diffuser as well as carbon roof and a tall boot lid spoiler. The stock wheels, too, are replaced with a set of ADV1 rims in matte gold which seems to be the perfect complement for the dark color of the body. Other highlights include gloss black grilles and tinted headlights. By: motorward