These are the moments when the word “exotica” is used with its intended sense. It’s not about where the car comes from, it’s only about how rare it is. The Mosler MT900 GTR is an American hypercar built in Florida, but every time you see one of them in the flesh, you know there are only 13 others out there in the world. With a limited edition of 14 units, that makes the Mosler MT900 GTR a lot more exclusive than, say, the McLaren F1.
They even share some of the styling (especially in the back), but with cars of this type, function often dictates form and so it’s hard to make them look that much different.

Still, if there’s one thing the Mosler MT900 GTR doesn’t lack, that’s personality. It’s got bucketloads of presence and you can just see how close that front lip spoiler is to scraping the asphalt. That’s what we call “commitment”. That’s a racing car in disguise, fooling people it’s allowed to drive on the streets even though it should clearly stick to the controlled environment of a track.

This Mosler MT900 GTR in particular is branded with the RFK Tuning name, and is seen leaving the parking lot of Marussia, an even more famous tuning house. It’s a safe bet to assume, then, that the owner has strong ties with this world.

It makes it more difficult to figure out what it’s hiding under that beautiful grille in the back, though. Normally, it would use a 7.0-liter Supercharged V8 engine with just about 600 hp, but since this car has seen more than its fair share of tuners, who knows what that engine is now capable of?

Watching the clip, there’s only one thing we can think of: for the love of God, why isn’t this guy filming the car from INSIDE the tunnel? Well, never mind, we’ve got a clip that does more justice to the wonderful sound of this engine and exhaust combination. By: Autoevolution