When he’s not goofing around, Rowan Atkinson is a huge car fanatic, having owned the McLaren F1 and legendarily crashing it on multiple occasions. Bugatti, Koenigsegg and Mercedes SLS – he’s had a lot of toys over the years.

I most like to associate him with the unusual Rolls-Royce V16 that he drove in Johnny English. You don’t see that kind of motor every day! In fact, even Rolls realized it couldn’t put it into mass production because nobody would buy one.


 However, most people know Rowan as Mr Bean, and they associate him with the original Mini. The yellow rust bucket appeared in multiple scenes, including one where it was driven from the comfort of a sofa placed on the roof.

However, nobody has ever thought of a racing version of Mr. Bean’s Mini until today that is. Yasid Design knocked this rendering out of the ballpark. It’s done for Speedhunters, so if you think that it looks like something from Need for Speed, that’s not a coincidence.

Almost nothing of the original car has been left untouched. At the front, the fascia has no headlights or lower bumper. Four rally-style lights have been installed, and the chassis looks like it’s made from tubular steel.


Both fender sets are much wider, but it’s the back end that has the largest track. Just based on that and the placement of the exhaust, we can deduce the engine is at the back. For added downforce, a massive rear wing has been installed to glue the rubbers to the ground.

Is Mr Bean man enough for this car? We don’t know, but Rowan Atkinson is, and he’s even got motorsport experience. By: autoevolution