If a Ducati streetfighter with vintage looks and a dash of steampunk is what makes your heart throb, then Mr. Martini’s Flash Back America custom street bike will definitely raise your pulse. Mr. Martini Flash Back America Ducati 1098R-2

Well-known for the lack of conformity when it comes to creating a new aura around the bikes, the Verona, Italy-based customizer was not at all afraid to boldly cut and hack the Ducati 1098R’s splendid fairing. Knowing that the Flash Back America will never look like a nice superbike again, led Mr. Martini to a daring design which people either love or hate.

While giving up on the front cowl and adding a huge retro headlight, the remaining sidecovers have also been trimmed to a most unconventional cut, strangely matching the shortened subframe and miniature cowl hiding the tail light, while their sating grey color is the perfect complement for the carbon rims.

Mr. Martini Flash Back America Ducati 1098R

The custom exhaust line are also striking: they are huge in diameter, and yet they end in a diminutive Zard exhaust. Such an unexpected combination makes the pipes look even chunkier than they are, and the silencer way smaller… and we totally like that, The Mr. Martini Flash Back America is a rather strange build, but beyond any doubt, a beautiful, elegant one, too.

By: autoevolution