More American muscle car stereotypes await inside.

Stereotypes are everywhere in the automotive world when it comes to owners/drivers of cars. There are some things that groups of enthusiasts just do that make others scratch their heads and/or laugh.

Muscle vs. Tuner is back at it with ‘Sh*t Mustang Owners Say’

 The famous Muscle vs Tuner YouTube automotive jokester is back at it, this time going above and beyond to profile Ford Mustang owners with “his” 2011 Ford Mustang. This isn’t your average Mustang either. It has everything from a carburetor swap to slotted and drilled brake rotors for better weight reduction (‘cuz Camaros totally suck, bro).

Muscle vs. Tuner is back at it with ‘Sh*t Mustang Owners Say’-2

The Mustang has so much power that it even causes body gaps because all those ponies are trying to escape. The ’5.0’ badge on each front fender is actually his quarter-mile time, however the 5.0-liter, supercharged V-8 engine pushes out 850 horsepower thanks to the mix of 85-percent ethanol and 15-percent Jack Daniels, Hennessey, and Jager fuel mix. Oh, and it has a short-throw dipstick for even more weight reduction.

While this profanity-filled video is not entirely true, there’s probably at least one thing that fits the bill of a Mustang owner that you know. By: motoringexposure

(Warning, NSFW language)