Now that Ford Performance has finally managed to achieve the Blue Oval’s One Ford goal, introducing a global go-fast strategy, there are tons of new opportunities to think about. One that truly keeps us on our toes is the idea of a Ford Mustang taking part in DTM (the German touring car championship).

The US public would probably be surprised to find out that many European non-car people outside Germany are unaware of Ford’s American nature, believing the Blue Oval is a German automaker. Mustang Shelby GT350R DTM

With that random Ford fun fact out of the way, we can return to dreaming about Ford returning to the Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft. Yes, we said “return,” since the company has taken part in the championship before.

While being far from Ford’s most successful DTM racecar, the Mustang has taken part in German battles back in the early 90s. We’re referring to the Foxbody racecar, a machine whose motivation came from a 5-liter V8 delivering 540 hp and 428 lb-ft (580 Nm), with the thing tipping the scales at 2,425 lbs (1,100 kg). In fact, you’ll find a video that shows the Foxbody in action below.

Returning to the current S550 Mustang, the rendering above shows us what happens when a Shelby GT350R goes for DTM apparel. The sheer sight of that wide bodykit is enough to earn our full support.

Mustang Shelby GT350R DTM-2

Despite such a move sustaining the Mustang’s Euro presence, Ford Performance obviously has other plans. As motorsport fans know, the racing incarnation of the new Ford GT will take part in the 2016 World Endurance Championship, where it is set to battle it out with Ferrari’s 488 GTB racecar.

And if you insist on racing in the Shelby ‘Stang, we’ll have to remind you the GT350R-C racecar has been around since June this year.

With such development, we wouldn’t hold our breath for a Ford DTM return, but not even that thought can take away the badassery of the GT350R rennwagen above.  By: autoevolution