McLaren San Francisco has been hoe to many a unique 675LT models since the car’s introduction, including a rather unique Mexico Blue MSO version. The latest addition to their inventory is a fantastic looking Napier Green McLaren 675LT from the company’s press fleet.  Napier Green McLaren 675LT (Spotlight)

McLaren has one of the most extensive color palettes among all the super car makers, as seen with the new 675LT. And each color for this car has many sub-shades, for lack of a better word. Say, you fancy a green paint job. You have a choice between Mantis Green and Napier Green, and that’s before you get to the MSO options and one-off colors mixed to your personal specifications.

Napier Green McLaren 675LT (Spotlight)-2

Napier Green McLaren 675LT Rearview

There used to be a time when sports car were offered in two or three colors, and if you wanted something more special you’d have to go aftermarket. These days though, not only you get a ton of personalization options from the factory, each is further customizable so you can end up with a truly unique car. That said, when you are presented with a car as fun looking as this Napier Green McLaren 675LT, you don’t really need any further customization. It is easy getting carried away with the options. By: motorward