Prestigious tuner DMC was one of the first firms to come up with an upgrade package for the Lamborghini Huracan with their Affari kit. Since then they’ve been at the top of this game, even though the competition has been getting steadily stronger. This is the latest DMC Huracan they’ve put together.

New DMC Huracan Teased Edition

If you have been following the previous works of this tuner, you know that the way they roll is that they release a package as the base and then build on and make it a little bit better with every new edition they come up with. Based on what we can see here, the latest DMC Huracan uses the Stage 3 styling package with elements from the limited edition E-GT series. What really sets it apart though is the visual details, namely the chrome gold stripes and accents that complement the carbon fiber aero parts to create a unique look for this baby Lambo.

What this car demonstrates, above everything else, is that as long as your wallet can support your ambitions, there is no limit to what you can do in terms of customizing your car. DMC would cover the car is the skin of baby Kangaroos if you draw them a fat enough check. By: motorward