Honda has released crisp new photos showing the S660 kei sportscar ahead of its imminent market debut on April 2nd. Even though this thing is the size of a Fiat 500, we can’t help but be impressed with the crisp lines of this 1,980,000 yen ($16,545) toy.

New Honda S660

Even though it’s made by the same company that gave us the boring Insight, the S660 is as colorful as any Citroen or Renault. You can order it in carnival yellow, flame red or premium beach blue, which considering it’s built mainly for fun is a good thing.
New Honda S660 -2
Honda has also taken the opportunity to introduce the S660 Concept Edition, a limited production version that will only be offered to 660 lucky customers. It basically celebrates the fact that the design is 90% identical to the concept version that was shown at the 2013 Tokyo Auto Show. All models get Premium Star White Pearl body paint, leather-wrapped two-tone seats, Bordeaux red top, colorful side mirrors and a special exhaust pipe finish. And just like one recent coachbuilt Ferrari F12-based, the seats are slightly different colors to make the driver feel special.

New Honda S660 -6 New Honda S660 -5 New Honda S660 -4 New Honda S660 -3
The S660 is likely the smallest mid-engined car currently in production. Placed behind the driver is a 3-cylinder DOHC 0.66-liter turbo that produces 64 PS and can reach 7,700rpm. Maximum torque of 104 Nm is delivered at 2,600rpm. Everything is sent to the 195/45 R16 80W rear tires via either a 6-speed manual or a CVT that simulates 7 forward speeds.

The tiny Japanese sportscar utilizes a MacPherson strut front suspension system and a dual-link strut setup at the back. At 260mm in diameter, the brakes could be considered on the large side. There’s another class first on this car, the Agile Handing Assist electronic control system. Using brake torque vectoring to slow the inside wheel, the system makes cornering easier, just like a Golf GTI. Source: autoevolution