The latest rumors in the motorcycle industry mention a new member of the Indian family. The bike was neither confirmed nor denied by Indian Motorcycle, which, so far, is keeping silent on this matter.

New Indian Model Springfield Apparently Confirmed by EPA, Arriving in 2016

Rumors mention that a motorcycle named Springfield made an appearance in US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) papers. We ran a quick search in their database and found no info; and since searching through the EPA papers can take ages at times, especially when using such generic terms, we decided to let this go.

Springfield is said to be using the dominant platform in Indian’s range, and this means the Thunder Stroke 111 engine that packs a 1,811cc displacement and can produce 91 horsepower and just under 139 Nm of torque. This engine is the one that powers the current line-up that includes the Classic, Dark Horse, and Vintage Chiefs, the Chieftain and the Roadmaster.

A bike for solo fun?

The 2016 Indian Springfield is also rumored to be a solo bike, at least in its stock trim. If these rumors are true, then we can guess that the bike Indian will show next year will replicate the Chief Dark Horse to some degree.

Some believe that the Springfield will pay tribute to the classic Indian looks, given its name. Indian manufactured bikes in Springfield, Massachusetts, until 1953, and the new rumored model might hark back to that era. The other solo Indian, the Chief Dark Horse, is a minimalist reinterpretation of the Chief Classic base model. Stripped down almost to the bare necessities, the Dark Horse is the perfect choice for those in search of an Indian with an unmistakable presence, yet without the bling.

The Springfield might thus be the anti-Dark Horse, a bike with lush chromed parts, abounding in retro details and ready to accommodate a ton of accessories. Gentlemen, place your bets! By: autoevolution