With Lexus’s bold claim that the all-new LC 500 is its most dynamic car since the LFA, it’s quite clear the Japanese luxury brand believes it can properly compete with its German and Italian rivals.

Lexus LC 500 Apocalyptic  Rendered
Lexus LC 500 Apocalyptic Rendered

Perhaps the most surprising thing about the LC 500 is its design which is almost identical to that of the concept that preceded it, the LF-LC. Typically, marque’s water down concept cars for production massively, but with the LC 500, Lexus has retained all the futuristic shapes and lines of the LF-LC while ensuring it remains legal for road use around the world.

It’s inevitable that once sales of the LC 500 begin, a number of different variants will hit the market. Although unlikely to see the light of day, British artist Khyzyl Saleem has imagined how the LC 500 would look as an apocalyptic drift car.

Reminding us of this crazy NASCAR-powered Lexus LFA drifter, Saleem’s creation adds some aggression to the LC’s curvaceous design. Most notably a set of impossibly-wide wheels and tires have been fitted as has a large bootlid lip spoiler. Given the fact that an LFA drifter actually exists, we’re not entirely ruling out the possibility of an LC that does powerslides for a living becoming a reality. Just don’t bet on it. By: Carscoops