The Range Rover Sport is like a magnet of “opulence”, a huge celestial body attracting every football player, Hollywood celebrity and Russian club owner in the world. And it’s good… for a 4×4 that secretly desires to be a car. The brand new model which made it debut last year looks distinctive and, with a big supercharged V8, it’s as fast as some sportscars (0 to 100 km/h in 5.3 seconds).   new-range-rover-sport-gets-crazy-heat-wave-wrap-from-dc-tuning-photo-gallery_5

But can its success be the Range Rover Sport’s undoing? We think so, especially when you combine more discrete design with good sales to produce a common sight.



The Russians just couldn’t stand that and one company we’ve just discovered, called DC Tuning, decided to do something about it. A crazy multi-layer vinyl wrap has been devised for the car with bright contrasting shades of sunflower yellow, cornflower blue, black and metallic gray.


So do you like it? It’s hard not to, when this thing looks like it can easily sell anything from cigarettes to paint thinner. Drive a regular Range Rover around the streets of Moscow and you won’t get noticed. But turn up in something like this and all eyes will be on you. The party is only on the outside, since the black leather interior is left untouched, as it should. By: autoevolution