Let’s be honest, the GT86’s power output wasn’t the figure we expected from a well-balanced, rear-wheel drive sports coupe. Still, we made our peace with it, even though we kept wondering what could’ve been.  TOYOTA GT86

Lucky for us petrolheads, maybe this will be fixed. We formerly learned that the GT86 will receive a small boost in power along with its facelift, but now Drive.au reports that Toyota will bring various changes to the vehicle, including a more powerful engine.

Toyota’s chief sports car engineer Tetsuya Tada reportedly confirmed this info: “Everything [changes]”. Engine, body, suspension – everything.” Mind you, a turbo variant is still off the table, as Tada is simply looking to challenge himself and the engineers to come up with the best, sporty-solution for the drive-focused rig: “I think turbo is a really easy solution,” he said. “I already say we try to show something new, something challenging. Downsizing, turbocharging engines is boring technology.”


The Australian publication reports Tada said the update will include a carbon fiber roof option to minimize the car’s weight, and that smaller force-induction engines don’t make an exciting sound for a sports car like the GT86.


It isn’t clear if Subaru is involved in this alleged facelift (although it should since both the BRZ and the GT86 are made on the same assembly line), but we don’t think this information has something to do with the recent patent fillings carried out by the two companies. By: Carscoops