A while back we told you about LB Performance’s latest creation, a wide body kit for BMW E92 M3. Back then we saw a photo gallery with an Alpine White Bimmer. This time the joined forces with the guys from Liberty Walk and created a new set of photos. new-widebody-bmw-e92-m3s-are-out-of-control-at-ltmw-photo-gallery_8

 This wide body kit craze is most popular amongst the BMW community but it does take some time to get used to. We have to admit that we were reluctant at first but we now love the new stance of the cars.


The prices are reasonable for a wide body kit and stand as follows:

  • LB WORKS body kit $8165 (€6,339)
  • LB Front diffuser (Carbon Fibre) $1633 (€1,291)
  • LB Rear wing $1582 (€1,228)


Not much for a complete body kit and we love how it looks. Of course, you’ll have to get some new wheels to go this kit, preferably with the biggest lips you can find. By: autoevolution