The NFZ W48 is a wild concept supercar with almost a steam punk like vibe. Created by a Russian designer who goes by the cryptic name of ixlrlxi, the NFZ W48 is equally mysterious.

NFZ W48 Supercar Concept

The car looks like a weaponized Marussia supercar, or something Captain Nemo might take to a track day. The heavily protected cockpit looks only wide enough to hold a single occupant, and the views to the front, side and rear would be extremely limited due to the extremely thick pillars. The central pillar down the middle of the windscreen might look cool, but it’s hardly practical.

While it’s hard to imagine any professional racer actually attempting to wrestle something like the NFZ W48 around the track, it would be pretty awesome to see.



As far the drivetrain goes, there isn’t much information to go off. By the looks of it some sort of internal combustion engine is more than likely shoehorned into the limited space behind the cockpit.  By: diseno-art