Apparently, Nissan believes that there’s still “development potential” for the current generation GT-R.
Even though available for sale, the Nissan GT-R has achieved a “legendary” status in the motoring world; a rare occurrence for a car that’s still in production. But the GT-R was no Vincent van Gogh, as its merits were recognized since day one.

In fact, its technological package sparked myths and urban legends, awing hundreds of petrolheads with its precise, calculated style. But the most important thing was the fact that it could punch well above its weight, shaming full-on supercars costing double the money. It annoyed many with its electronic smugness and constant updating, but it also became a legend on the streets due to its tunability.

And here we are, 8 years later, with the Nismo GT-R – the fastest, hardest and most capable iteration of the bunch – thinking where the series will go next. Of course, a new product will eventually replace the R35, albeit it’s still too early to talk about it, but the real question is whether or not the current-gen still has some fight left in it.
But don’t let the majority of tuners answer that, with their state-of-the-art, gazillion horsepower-pumping GT-Rs, because Nissan’s head of product planning– Phillipe Klein – offered some insights. Speaking with Top Gear, Klein stated: “You know, it’s a never ending quest. There is still development potential there, always,”

Of course, in the new era of supercars, the GT-R must remain competitive and relevant – a very desirable and commendable feat, especially for a top model, as Klein continued: “GT-R is a halo model for us, which is not only contributing to the business but also to the image of the company.”

Well, it’s true, the GT-R put Nissan on the map when it was kicking behinds, although now we’re not so sure it can leave such large discrepancy with other models like it used to. All in all, maybe there’s still room for a possible better GT-R besides the Nismo; at least until the new one comes out. By: Carscoops