Nissan found it fitting to celebrate the Juke’s fifth birthday by creating a full-size replica of its crossover made entirely with folded paper.    Nissan-Juke-origami-replica 1

If it seems that it was just recently that you heard about a similar gig, you’re right, as Lexus showed an Origami replica of their IS sedan in early October. To be fair, though, Lexus’ creation was a much more complex, three-dimensional cardboard build with a full interior that you could actually sit inside and drive, thanks to the fitment of an electric motor and hidden wheels.


Similar to Lexus, Nissan says it used the ancient Japanese art of Origami or paper folding as a ‘nod to its Japanese heritage’. The car was built by British artist Owen Gildersleeve who used 2,000 folded pieces of paper, taking some 200 hours to complete the project.



Gildersleeve said: “As a celebration piece it draws on so many influences, such as the origami focus inspired by Nissan’s Japanese roots. Using so many individual pieces of paper to create the overall structure also represents the thousands of people who helped bring the Nissan Juke into reality and the thousands who continue to do so right here in the UK.”

Nissan-Juke-origami-replica 2

Nissan says it has sold over 700,000 Juke crossovers worldwide since sales commenced in October of 2010. Recently, the Japanese carmaker confirmed a second generation of the Juke that will also be built at its UK plant in Sunderland. By: Carscoops