Innovative and radical thinking can results in success stories, take a look at Juke and Qashqai, these models have turned out to be Nissan success in recent years. The next radical thinking from this company would be applied to compact hatchback: Sway concept car. Nissan unveiled a glimpse of Sway concept hatchback at the Geneva Show 2015, giving you a hint of future generation of compact Nissan models. It’s a concept car designed to target European market, it’s emotional, edgy, and exciting, just like European tastes.


This concept car design will shake up the market of compact hatchback which is usually a conservative sector of the market. Sway features swooping lines, simple and elegant interior, striking nose, and bold use of sophisticated color, this concept car is daring with its emotional design. You can sense the harmonious blend but with edginess.


The interior design applies techniques which are usually applied in industrial architecture with structural aluminum elements to bold the simplicity and strength, attention to detail and use of color and materials can be associated with premium goods.

nissan-sway-concept-car6 nissan-sway-concept-car10

The exterior features 4 distinctive elements: V motion grille, floating roof, boomerang lamps, and C-pillar, you probably already the similar features on Nissan Lannia concept last year at Auto China 2014. The line of Sway starts with V-motion grille which is mounted low between twin V-shaped quarter bumpers.

This is the start of bold contour that curves over the bonnet and front wheels which then dipping dramatically towards the center of the front door. It continues upwards towards the rear of the car, making sensual side profile to the overall form.


Designer: Nissan / Tuvie