Tuning into the Halloween spirit, the guys at McLaren San Francisco dressed up a McLaren 650S Spider as, well, a giant spider. And it’s got teeth and everything. See? Who said McLaren doesn’t have a sense of humor?


We can’t imagine they put a lot of work into this project, since this McLaren 650S Spider came out of the factory already Halloween-ready. For starters, the car is the color of pumpkin, the symbol of Halloween. What’s more, it has ‘Spider’ in its name. I mean come on, this car is practically begging to be decorated for occasion.

All that said, we are not sure the mother company would be terribly happy when they see this. The Brits scoff at vulgar rituals such as Halloween. They cannot fathom why grown ups feel the need to dress up in ridiculous costumes and make a fool of themselves in public. Granted, it probably fills a need, satisfies an unfulfilled fantasy. But there must be a more dignified solution for that. By: motorward