Chrome-wrapped cars, as most of you will agree, are not very cool. They are stunning to look at and liven up the mood wherever they go. But you can’t be seen in one because will think you are a colossal showoff. That said, we wouldn’t mind having a go in this particular chrome car.

This is an Oakley Design Mercedes SLS carbon edition, spotted in Paris next to an equally stunning Ferrari 458 Italia, and it looks pretty amazing in its chrome wrap which appears to be brushed, as it doesn’t shine so bright. Or it could be because the weather is cloudy!


The car features a carbon fiber aero kit consisting of a distinctive front spoiler that mimics the form of the front bumper and sits awfully close to the ground, side skirts, roof scoop, and rear wing. It also has a unique rear diffuser which complements that splitter up front.


Oakley Design Mercedes SLS can be ordered with a power kit that boosts the output of the standard engine from 570 horsepower to 640. By: motorward